kaftan - القفطان

kaftan - القفطان

kaftan - القفطان
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kaftan - القفطان

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#Moroccan kaftan
According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam, the kaftan was introduced into the Barbary States by the Ottomans and spread by fashion as far as #Morocco.[1]

According to art historian Rachida Alaoui, the #kaftan in #Morocco dates back to the end of the 15th century and goes back to the region's Moorish history, which represents the medieval heritage of Al-Andalus. However, the first written record of the garment being worn in #Morocco is from the 16th century, she states.[37]

According to Naima El Khatib Boujibar, however, the kaftan might only have been introduced to #Morocco by the Saadi Sultan Abd al-Malik, who had lived in Algiers and Istanbul. Abd al-Malik, who had officially acknowledged Ottoman overlordship throughout his time as ruler of #Morocco, dressed in Ottoman fashion, spoke Turkish, reorganised his army and administration in imitation of Ottoman practices and used Ottoman Turkish titles for his officials.[38] The second half of the sixteenth century was a period of Ottoman influence in #Morocco during which Ahmad al-Mansur, who was greatly influenced by Ottoman culture, adopted Turkish costumes and customs, he introduced Ottoman fashions of dress, his army adopted Turkish costumes and titles and ambassadors even noted the use of Turkish pottery and Turkish carpets in the Badi Palace.[39][40][41] Aspects of Ottoman culture had been introduced to #Morocco during the reign of both Abd al-Malik and Ahmad al-Mansur and Abd al-Malik’s brief reign opened a period which continued under his successor of the "Turkification" of #Morocco.[42][43] Henri Terrasse asserted that Moroccan embroidery styles are almost all derived from the former regions of the Turkish empire, the introduction of gold thread embroidery into North Africa itself is reputed to have been introduced with Turkish rule.[34][44]

Worn by the dignitaries and women of the palace at first, it became fashionable among the middle classes from the late 17th century onwards.[45]

Today in #Morocco, kaftans are worn by women of different social groups and the word kaftan is commonly used to mean a "one-piece traditional fancy dress". Alternative two-piece versions of #Moroccan kaftans are called #takchita and worn with a large belt. The takchita is also known as #Mansouria which derives from the name of Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur, who invented #Al-Mansouria and the new fashion of wearing a two-piece kaftan.[46]
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